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    Survey Introduction and Speech on Housing Affordability

    Senator Day explains why Sydney and Melbourne have been confirmed as two of the least affordable cities in the world for home buyers, in a recently published survey introduction and Senate speech.

    The true culprit is artificial land supply by State Governments, which denies the wealth & security of home ownership to the current generation.

    Watch his speech in full here. Read his introduction to the 2016 Demographia survey here. Listen to his ABC interview on the survey here.
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    Wind power an expensive con

    Damning new evidence has exposed the exaggerations of the wind industry, which has delivered five times less electricity than its claimed potential and added $50 per year to bills.
    According to Senator Bob Day, “wind turbine owners might be making a fortune but wind power is costing SA families a fortune. It is a con.” Read the full story here.
    The Senate Committee into Wind Turbines (of which Senator Day was Deputy Chair) reports are available to read: Interim and Final.
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    Who is Senator Bob Day ?

    Senator Day is a South Australian home builder who founded Homestead Homes and similar home building companies all over Australia. In the 2013 Federal Election, Senator Day was elected to represent South Australia in the Senate as a candidate for the Family First Party on a platform of ‘Every family, a job and a house’. This massive task promotes independence and self-reliance, reduces government intervention, fosters smaller government, lower taxes and more money in the pockets of families. Read more in his maiden Senate speech here.
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    What’s happening in the Senate?

    There’s a lot of debate about what’s happening in Federal politics, and a welcome return to a focus on the parties and independents represented in the Senate. Senator Bob Day took office on 1 July 2014 and has already voted in support of repeal of the carbon tax and mining tax, whilst fighting to retain vital low income and family support measures.

    Click here to see how Senator Bob Day voted on major debates in the Senate

    Photo: Alex Ellinghausen, SMH
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    GST Increase? No way says Senator Day

    Senator Bob Day has declared his strong opposition to a 50% increase in the GST.
    “Families, households, individuals already pay enough tax for the services of government, some $385 billion a year – yet the government spends $420 billion a year, they have to cut their cloth like everyone else.”
    Last November Senator Day showed the major parties how to reduce duplication, blame-shifting and unnecessary spending – which is the pathway to more money for vital health services, as well as the way to Budget surplus. Click here to read Senator Day’s GST opinion piece in the Adelaide Hills Weekender.

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Stefan Postles
18 May 2016

The July 2 Federal Election will be truly historic. It will be the first double dissolution election since 1987. Every MP and Senator will be up for re-election instead of the usual Read more...

Don’t let politicians dictate your future, Uber your way into a job – Media Release

17 May 2016

Family First Senator Bob Day has noted the confused messages from the Labor Party about the Fair Work Commission, saying it demonstrates yet again why you can’t Read more...

Constitutional certainty on Senate Voting delivered thanks to High Court – Media Release

13 May 2016

Family First South Australian Senator Bob Day today expressed his gratitude for the swift and comprehensive way the High Court reached its ruling on Senate voting changes Read more...

Family First to clear roadblocks for S.A.’s nuclear future – Media Release

10 May 2016

Family First Senator Bob Day has committed to again move amendments in the next Senate – should he be re-elected – to clear the regulatory bans blocking Read more...

Speech on the Adelaide Reds and Submarines

4 May 2016

Well, what a week it has been for Adelaide. First, the government delivered on its 2013 election commitment to build 12 submarines in Adelaide. Better yet, it Read more...

Nuclear Submarines – Question Time

Groton, Conn. (July 30, 2004) - The nationÕs newest and most advanced nuclear-powered attack submarine and the lead ship of its class, PCU Virginia (SSN 774) returns to the General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard following the successful completion of its first voyage in open seas called "alpha" sea trials. Virginia is the NavyÕs only major combatant ready to join the fleet that was designed with the post-Cold War security environment in mind and embodies the war fighting and operational capabilities required to dominate the littorals while maintaining undersea dominance in the open ocean. Virginia and the rest of the ships of its class are designed specifically to incorporate emergent technologies that will provide new capabilities to meet new threats. Virginia will be delivered to the U.S. Navy this fall. U.S. Navy photo by General Dynamics Electric Boat (RELEASED)
2 May 2016

Senator Day: My question is to the Minister for Defence, Senator Payne. I commend the government for delivering on its pre-election commitment to build 12 new submarines Read more...

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Family First Senator Bob Day and petitioners call on the Education Minister to cease funding an in-school gay promotion program, pending a “Parent Poll” approval from parents.

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