Letter to the Editor (The Australian) – No Rush on RET

April 27, 2015

No rush on RET [Renewable Energy Target]

Because I have asked Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and the Prime Minister to defer a vote on the Renewable Energy Target until a Senate inquiry into wind turbines has handed down its report, Kane Thornton of the Clean Energy Council tells me I have little regard for the many thousands of people whose jobs are at risk every day this review remains unresolved.

The inquiry held its first hearing on March 30 and heard evidence about the adverse effects of wind turbines on humans and animals. The evidence was compelling. There was also evidence on the efficacy of wind turbines to reduce carbon dioxide given the amount of the gas required to manufacture and install them.

Since that hearing, information has been provided regarding reports from the 1980s about the adverse effects of wind turbines. The inquiry is keen to understand what wind turbine owners know, and for how long have they known it.

The inquiry hands down its report in August. Given the seriousness of the evidence so far, I do not think it unreasonable to request deferring a vote on the RET until then.

Bob Day, senator for South Australia

IMAGE: Public Domain, on Wikimedia commons