Parent’s rights restored as Coalition finally acts on Family First sex-ed concern

March 18, 2016

Family First Senator Bob Day says the Government has belatedly responded to Family First’s relentless campaign to have the gay recruiting program called ‘Safe Schools’ overhauled or de-funded.

Whilst the Education Minister has today announced an overhaul, Family First’s position remains that it should ultimately be de-funded.

“Family First has been on radio, print, TV, and social media calling for de-funding and restoration of parental rights. We have been running a petition and encouraging people to contact the Minister’s office,” Senator Day said, “This is democracy in action and it bore fruit today.”

The Minister announced earlier this afternoon that the program would only run in high schools, not primary schools, and would be substantially revised. Links to controversial third party resources and the most controversial aspects will be removed.

“One of our principal objections was that parents were coming to us (a) scared to speak out and (b) saying they were not being consulted about this program. So we are pleased that parents will be properly consulted and provide informed choice before child participation.”

“We are saddened that public administration and respect for parents has so deteriorated that parental consent was not automatically required prior to primary and high school children being exposed to the program.”

“For many months we have been telling the government that we wanted this program de-funded. This is a step in the right direction, a pro-family direction.”

Link to Minister’s announcement