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Family First Senator Bob Day and petitioners call on the Education Minister to cease funding an in-school gay promotion program, pending a “Parent Poll” approval from parents.

Senator Day says: “Misleadingly called ‘Safe Schools’, the program targets children as young as 11 and refers children to websites supporting all manner of LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Intersex) behaviour. I have asked the government to cease funding this gay lifestyle promotion program as it is clearly not supported by parents. Some families have started withdrawing children from schools engaged in the pro-LGBTI program. Such a controversial program should not have been rolled out without a vote of parents,”

“We say the government should immediately:

1. Freeze funding and withdraw permission for the program to be used in schools until all school parents have been given a vote on the matter. Such a poll should to be run by a body independent of the school and the organisers of the program; and

2. Refuse to fund the program running in any more schools unless all school parents have given prior permission (via an independently run vote) for the program to commence.”

“Many parents don’t have the opportunity to send their children to another school. They are in a bind. Parents must have a say in what their children are taught – especially when it infringes their family’s values.”

“Many families do not talk about boyfriends and girlfriends in the pre-teen years, yet some schools usurp parental rights and responsibilities by pushing gay lifestyles and gender confusion on innocent children.”

For more information on schools near you where the program will commence see:


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Li Zhao

Wynne Cheng

Safe School program increases much confusion for most of children and teenagers by teaching they wrong theory. Not only that, it causes damages to moral standard and more families in the future by teaching kids this!!! I totally disagree Safe School as a mother!

Weixia Zhu

Preserve the tradition.

Donghui Tu

Against Safe School Program

Suyee Ye